More on budgetary
and the financing approach:


A lack of budget financing are hedged by applications to public
and private foundations and companies.


Hvidovre Hospital finances:

•  The salary for the PI and instigator of the research Professor,Consultant, DMSc Hans Jørgen Nielsen

•  The layout , operation and maintenance of the facilities for the project administration at Hvidovre Hospital

•  Lay-out, operation and maintenance of the cold storage facilities for storage of the collected blood samples

•   The financial management and auditing through the accounts department at Hvidovre Hospital

— All other costs are financed through the piecing together
smaller and larger grants from foundations and corporations.

— Several funds support our research recurrent,
however, the majority have to be sought on an annual basis


Research funding from commercial partners are donated

with the enterprises’ access to a large, well-documented test material
in use at the their own patented analysis.

— All the analysis results shall be used only in cooperation with the research group of this project.

— All contracts signed describe an equal distribution between the enterprises and the participating hospitals
if patenting options of any new invention arise – the hospitals being represented by Hvidovre Hospital.


All contributors will be published here on this website; at all  “participant information” of the project; and will be thanked in the context of presentations and publications of project results.

— All contributors will also receives annual updates on the project progresses


All allocated resources are managed by the accounts department at Hvidovre Hospital, through a specific research account assigned to the project.

— Product and service purchases are lifted free of the VAT by means of the hospital’s tax account

— Hvidovre Hospital does not calculate an “overhead” for the management of external research grants


The operation and maintenance of equipment (PCs, printers, freezers, centrifuges, etc.) are borne by the participating hospital departments’ daily  operating expenses.


Unfortunately, our research are precluded from receiving financial support
from the Danish Cancer Society

— Due to the organization’s codes of ethics not to support projects which—within the past 10 years—have received grants based on earnings in the tobacco industry—our line of research projects has received grants
from The Obel Family Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.


Allocated resources can be inserted at Hvidovre Hospital’s account in

Nordea Bank A / S: Registration no: 3100—account no: 3100 333 365 /
labeled: F21200-01-01-01 / Hans Jørgen Nielsen.

IBAN nr. DK24 3000 3100 333 635

VAT no for Hvidovre Hospital:                                      DK-33483376—ALSO,Hvidovre Hospital falls within the
VAT no for all hospitals in The Capital Region – no.:   DK-29190623

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ColoRectal Cancer Research

Gastroenheden, Hvidovre Hospital

Kettegård Allé 30

2650 Hvidovre

Email: info@colorectalcancer.dk