Research collaborations and funding


Areas of cooperation

─nationally and internationally

Together with national and international partners, we conduct
large and small research projects focusing on the importance of biological markers
in the treatment of cancers─including colorectal cancer.

Based on biomarkers in blood samples, we are working intensively on
identifying patients, who despite a treatment of cancer in early stages,
anyway, develop recurrence, which might lead to fatal outcome.

Furthermore on the basis of biomarkers in blood samples , we have focus on

identifying patients who should be offered treatment with selected,
specific chemotherapiy─ie. individual, tailored chemo-therapy.




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Our research results have caused considerable international interest
—both academic and from private biotech companies. Consequently, we have succeeded in creating contractually-based collaboration with national and international biotech companies as well as leading Danish, American and European research institutions and hospitals.

The commercial interest is due to our level of well-documented
test and data collected acc. documented, thoroughly validated work procedures (SOPs).
Researchers and laboratories around the world, always, pursue large,
well-documented test and data materials for analyses on in-house generated analysis platforms
—based on their own research into biological markers.

For our research, access to many broad-spectrum laboratory analyzes
optimizes the overall results of the project .
Through both economic but also practical co-sponsorships we, at the same time,
obtain a realistic cost level on our projects
Also possibly, we through this process, cultivate stakeholders to be included in the
later development and implementation of a new and better screening model.



—and the public

All Danish as well as foreign private funds and sponsors behind our research
will be published on this website; in all respective invitations for participating in the project;
and in all subsequent publications.

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Permits / copyrights

—and contract management

All our research projects are approved by the Research Ethics Committee and the Data Protection Agency.

Contractually, all our projects are controlled solely by the primarily responsible, the initiator of our research:
PI, Consultant, Professor, MD, DMSc, professor Hans Jorgen Nielsen, Hvidovre Hospital.

Also, Hans Jørgen Nielsen is─on the basis of Danish legislation─
the guarantee that the majority of any rights remains on academic hands in Denmark.


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