International Symposium

—August 2014 in Copenhagen, DK


Blood–based biomarkers for optimal screening
of colorectal neoplasia


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In the autumn of 2014 we managed to meet
our long-standing desire to host an international symposium
and bring together all the expertise we know of
within the research field.


We succeeded in gathering
all employees within our research nationally
as well as all national and international
research colleagues, collaborators and sparring partners.

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The Symposium benefits

  • Many of our collegues and partners,
    conducting analyzes of single bio-markers or combinations of markers,
    presented their results, which revealed that their marker-profiles
    are likely to have a significant influence on the development
    of future blood-based concepts in screening for colorectal cancer
    —maybe even for cancer in general.
  • Specific submissions indicated progress opportunities
    in the identification of cancer by screening
    using expanded combined models
    involving single proteins, proteomes, metabolomes
    as well as genetic and epigenetic components.
  • The concluding debate at the symposiumaugsep14 035-kopi
    revealed great interest among the participating
    institutions and companies for future collaborations.
  • Subsequently, the symposium has  led to several
    international—both 3-and 4-parties—
    contracts signed with Hvidovre Hospital
    as one party to such contracts.


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