Additional Research

Additional research


Validation of pre-analytical issues

Our past and current research in the development of blood-based
biological biomarkers have included process variables
that may hinder proper interpretation of the results obtained.

This has necessitated pre-analytical research projects on potential effects of:

  • Timing of blood collection:
    • diurnal variation
    • day-to-day variation
    • season-to-season variation
  • Influence of:
    • physical activity
    • fasting
    • bowel preparation
    • major surgery
    • colonoscopy
    • temperature at blood collection
    • centrifugation temperature and speed
    • freezing- thawing rounds
    • pipetting procedure – including white-cell and platelet contamination


We aim to achieve:

  • interpretable results
  • complete documentation of the blood collection – the overall basis for the research


Research collaborationsdonate

In collaboration with national and international collaborators
we are running major translational and clinical research studies
with overall focus on:

  • identification of patients at risk of recurrent disease
  • identification of patients that need individualized treatment modalities



If interested – please observe our current publications


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