Sponsors─the lifeblood of research


The majority of the independent research in Denmark are financed (and implemented)
through fund-raising from public and private funds and corporations─nationally and internationally

Thus, our many years of research are achieved through annual application rounds.


The financing of our research

is based on public and private funds and corporations

We owe a lot of funds and companies big thanks for the daring to invest long-term and visionary─even in the very beginning of our, now, many years of research.

We thank the many smaller funds that have gone into even big budgets,
with the motto: many a little makes a mickle


Over the years every donation, we have received, has been crucial in bringing us
above  the annual financial finish line – where we at times
have been forced to slow down in both scope and ambitions to simply continue.

We owe special thanks to the many, who patiently have assigned us a recurring funding over several years.
It is much easier to maintain confidence in the annual application rounds with the certainty of an initial capital.

Finally, we owe several big, more socially focused funds, big thanks to surpass their usual practice,
and save our research at the times our economic prospects have been particularly critical.


The self-financing by Hvidovre Hospital

has through years passed in:

  • salary for the PI and initiator of the research Consultant, Professor, DMSc.Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Hvidovre Hospital
  • establishing, operating and maintaining the facilities for project administration at Hvidovre Hospital
  • installation, operation and maintenance of a freezer for storage of the blood samples collected at Hvidovre Hospital
  • management control and auditing of accounts through the accounting department, Hvidovre Hospital


the participating hospitals houses the daily work functions in the project.

Here expenses of the operation and maintenance of locations and equipment─PCs, printers, freezers, centrifuges, etc.

are covered by the respective hospital departments’ operating expenses.


Sponsorships are included

Projects of a magnitude like ours—with views to a soon coming implementation—have
many stakeholders─both academic and private biotech companies.

Besides a wide range of Danish and Swiss private funds, the project is sponsored contractually by
European and American biotech companies as well as The State Council for Strategic Research in Denmark.

Read more:    Current Sponsors

Current sponsors ….. CLICK

Commercial interests

are specifically related to the respective stakeholders’ need for valid material for the testing and analyses of
own biomarker combinations at their own analysis platforms.

Through our many years of research, we have always prioritized a thorough documentation of our project inclusions and workflows.
Also, with our many major projects we have built up a large, meticulously recorded material.
Cf. our continuous monitoring with preanalytical projects:  Our research/Additional research


Actual results

Today, our long list of projects reaps tangible, comprehensible results.
Before long, our research may contribute to useful clinical processes
for the benefit of many potential cancer patients.


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Collaborations     Our research     About us

More on budgetary and financing








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ColoRectal Cancer Research

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