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The Figures within Colorectal Cancer


  • One out of 20 Danes will get colorectal cancer at some point in life
  • Each year about 5,400 (2017) new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed in Denmark
    ─approximately 3,100 in the age group 50-74 years old
  • The risk of getting the disease increases with age
  • Persons under 50 have a low risk of getting colorectal cancer
  • Men have a greater risk of getting and dying from the disease than women
  • Every year, approximately 2,300 die of colorectal cancer in Denmark
  • Only about 55-60% will survive more than 5 years with the diagnosis colorectal cancer
  • Individuals who choose to be screened, significantly, reduce their risk of dying from bowel colorectal cancer


Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

  • As of now, colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer in both
    Denmark and the countries that practice screening for colorectalcancer.
  • Before the introduction of screening for colorectal cancer,
    4,250 Danes were diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year
    ─worldwide, the annual number is more than 1,6 mio.
  • The disease occurs mainly among people over 50 years old—the average age being 70 years.
  • The symptoms of colorectal cancer are often vague and muddled
    —and are easily confused with symptoms of other diseases.



Often, colorectal cancer has been in development for a longer period of time before the diagnosis
—but, is the disease diagnosed in the early stages, it can be treated gently and more effectively.

General screening was introduced in Denmark per March 1st  2014 for all in the age of 50 to 74 years
─ie. a preventive examination for colon and rectum cancer.

The screening program is an offer of an analysis of your stools for occult blood.






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